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Islamic Research Guide: Getting Started

A Research Guide for the Study of Islam

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Polish some of the research skills that will be necessary for research, writing, and presentation across multiple academic disciplines. 


This subject guide brings together some resources for the study of Islam.  If you don't see what you need, or would like something added, please let me know.

  • Tabs will lead you to specific kinds of resources.
  • Use my contact info on the right to get in touch for more help.

Reference Books on Islam in duPont Library

The Cambridge History of Islam

First published in 1970, The Cambridge History of Islam is the most comprehensive and ambitious collaborative survey of Islamic history and civilization yet to appear in English. On publication it was welcomed as a work useful for both reference and reading, for the general reader, student and specialist alike. It has now been reprinted, with corrections, and for ease of handling the original two hardcover volumes have each been divided into two separate paperbacks.

New Encyclopedia of Islam

The New Encyclopedia of Islam is unique as a single-volume work that encompasses the beliefs, practices, history, and culture of the Islamic world. In this expanded new edition, with an extensive chronology, Cyril Glasse provides a truly unrivaled study of one of the world s great religions."

Oxford Dictionary of Islam

Online resource with over 2,000 articles which provide information on religious beliefs, rituals, laws, movements, historical events, persons, social issues, etc., with an emphasis on the 19th and 20 centuries.

Encyclopaedia of Islam

Twelve volumes provide over 15,000 entries covering the entire Islamic world, past and present.

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