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Archaeology 332: Archaeological Resource Management and Policy

A guide to basic information resources on Archaeological Resource Management and Policy, Archaeology 332.

The Assignment

Assignment 2: Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA) Case 

Bring an example of an ARPA case to class for discussion. Plan to turn in 1-2 pages single spaced that briefly answers these questions. You should have at least 2 sources on your case and I would expect several more.

1.       Summarize the details of the case (who, what, where, etc.)

2.       How exactly does ARPA apply?

3.       Has the case been settled yet and if so what was the outcome? List your sources.

4.       What are your thoughts on the case?

Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA) Case

To get a full description of ARPA and the amendments to it, go to:

To get information on the background and implications of the Act, go to the National Park Service's page on it.

A great place to find cases that have to do with ARPA is LexisNexis Academic (below).