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Jessie Ball duPont Library

University Archives and Special Collections: University Archives

Taxonomy For University Archives


University Archives

Taxonomy - 2016




A    Audiovisual Materials

A01    Audio Cassettes

A02    Audio Reel-to-Reel

A03    CDs

A04    DVDs

A05    Microfilm

A06    Motion Picture Films

A07    Phono Discs

A08    Video Cassettes


*B    Biographical Files


C    Community Collections

C01    AAUP

C02    AAUW

C03    American Red Cross

C04    APTA

C05    Bank of Sewanee

C06    BOOKS Publishing by Chitty, DuPree

C07    Chemical Dependency Team

C08    Community Council

C09    Contact Lifeline

C10    English Speaking Union

C11    EQB

C12    Fairmount School

C13    Fortnightly Club

C14    Franklin County Government Records

C15    Highlander Folk School

C16    Historical Societies outside of Sewanee

C17    Masons

C18    Rugby, Tennessee

C19    St. Mary’s School

C20    Sewanee Civic Association

C21    Sewanee Civitan Club (Women’s) and Sewanee Civic League (Men’s)

C22    Sewanee Community Chest Collection (from various sources)

C23    Sewanee Elementary School

C24    Sewanee Improvement Association

C25    Sewanee Senior Citizens Center

C26    Sewanee Siren

C27    Sewanee Women’s Club (and Garden Club)

C28    UDC

C29    Emeritus Assoc

C30    Sewanee Leaseholders

C31     CCJP records on the FCHS - Gay Straight Alliance

C32    Cemetery Lots

C33    Sewanee Utilities


E    Episcopal Church Collections

E01    Diocese of Tennessee

E02    Episcopal Church of the USA

E03    Otey Memorial Church and Associated Missions

E04    Owning Dioceses of the University


I    Image Collections

I01    Photo Albums

I02    Photographs

I03    Postcards

I04    Scrapbooks

I05    Single Photographs

I06     Slides

I07     Negatives and Glass Plate negatives


*L    Ledgers


M    Museum Collections


P    Personal Papers and Manuscript Collections


U    University Collections


U01    Admission


U02    Athletics


U03    Auxiliary Services

Ser. 1    Jackson Myers Airport

Ser. 2    University Book and Supply Store

Ser. 3    Emerald-Hodgson Hospital

Ser. 4    Hotel Registers - Tuckaway, Sewanee Inn, Rebel’s Rest

Ser. 5    St. Luke’s Bookstore


U04    Chaplain

U05    Dean of the College


U06    Dean of Students

Ser. 1    Directors of Student Activities (includes  SUT, BC materials)

Ser. 2    Career Services-No Records (new records in storage)

Ser. 3    Counseling Service-No Records

Ser. 4    Health Officer

Ser. 5    Residential Life-no Records


U07    Events - University wide

Ser. 1    Centennial Celebration

Ser. 2    Founders’ Day

Ser. 3    VP George Bush Honorary Degree Celebration

Ser. 4     National Speleological Association Homecoming Papers

Ser. 5    Philosophy Conference Papers

Ser. 6 Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

Ser. 7 Second Founding - Sesquicentennial


U08    Executive Offices

Ser. 1    Board of Regents

Ser. 2    Board of Trustees

Ser. 3     Hebdomadal Board

Ser. 4    Honorary Degrees

Ser. 5    Chancellors’

Ser. 6    Vice Chancellors’

Ser. 7    Legal Counsel - Restricted

Ser. 7    Provost


U09    Faculty of the College


U10    Information Technology Services

Ser. 1    Library

Ser. 2    Provost for ITS-no records yet

Ser. 3    Telecommunications-no records

Ser. 4    University Press


U11    Law School


U12    Medical School


U13    Navy V-12 Unit


U14    Nurses’ School


U15    Personnel- 2008 title changed to Human Relations


U16    Physical Plant Services


U17    Registrar

Ser. 1 Commencement

Ser. 2 Commencement Addresses

Ser. 3 Convocation


U18    School of Theology

Ser. 1 Deans

Ser. 2 Faculty

Ser. 3 Publications Offices

Ser. 4 Integration Files

Ser. 5 Dubose Symposium

Ser. 6 General

Ser. 7 St. Luke’s Chapel Files

Ser. 8 Extension Center Files


U19    Sewanee Military Academy

Ser. 1    General and Miscellaneous Files

Ser. 2    Grade Books

Ser. 3    Personnel Files Restricted - Privacy

Ser. 4    Headmaster Restricted - Privacy

Ser. 5    Merger Files Restricted - Privacy

Ser. 6    Administrative and Faculty Files Restricted - Privacy

Ser. 7    Memorabilia

Ser. 8    Photos

Ser. 9    Clubs and Honor Societies

Ser. 10 Memorials and Awards

Ser. 11    Athletics

Ser. 12    Academic Office Restricted - Privacy

Ser. 13    Chaplain’s Files Restricted - Privacy

Ser. 14    Centennial Alumni Symposium

Ser. 15    Military

Ser. 15 Student Files Restricted - Privacy


U20    Sewanee Review

U21    Student Body

Ser. 1    ATO

Ser. 2    DTD

Ser. 3    KA

Ser. 4    LXA

Ser. 5    PDT

Ser. 6    FIJI

Ser. 7    PKE

Ser. 8    SN

Ser. 9    SAE

Ser. 10 Misc.Sororities

Ser. 11    Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Ser. 12    Guild of St. Mark

Ser. 13    Honor Societies

Ser. 14    PBK

Ser. 15 Publications Board

Ser. 16    Purple Masque

Ser. 17 SOP

Ser. 18 Shakespeare Players

Ser. 19    Sigma Upsilon


U22    Summer Programs

Ser. 1    Bridge Program-records not yet processed

Ser. 2    Summer Institute for Church Workers

Ser. 3    Sewanee Summer Music Festival

Ser. 4    Sewanee Secondary School Institute, 1977, 1978

Ser. 5 Sewanee Summer School

Ser. 6 Sewanee Summer Seminar

Ser. 7 Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference

Ser. 8 Sewanee School of Letters


U23    Summer School for the College

U24    Superintendent of Leases

U25    Treasurer


U26    University Relations

Ser. 1    Alumni Office.

Ser. 2    Annual Giving-no files

Ser. 3    Biographical Files-separately encoded

Ser. 4    Campaigns.

Ser. 5    Office of Communications

Ser. 6    Church Support.

Ser. 7    Events.

Ser. 8    Foundations Relations-no records

Ser. 9    Gift Receipts.

Ser. 10 Major Gifts

Ser. 11    Research and Records

Ser. 12    Vice Presidents for University Relations

Ser. 13    General and Miscellaneous


U27    Arts at Sewanee

Ser. 1 Arts Task Force

Ser. 2 Permanent Collection Committee/Working Group

Ser. 3 Concert Series

Ser 4.Coordinator of Arts Events

Ser. 5 Museum Gallery

Ser. 6 Nabit Art Building

Ser. 7 Sewanee Symphony Orchestra

Ser. 8 Sewanee Union Theatre (SUT)

Ser. 9 Tennessee Williams Center

Ser. 10 Tennessee Williams Playwright-in-Residence

Ser. 11 University Art Gallery



U28 University-wide  publications

*V    Vertical Files

*Z    Other Collections