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Logins, logins, logins: Students

Help with the many University services that require a login.

How to log in to the public computers on campus

User name:  Your Sewanee email username
Password:  Your Banner student account pin number

How to log in to Blackboard

User name:  Your Sewanee email username (what comes before the part)
Password:  Your Sewanee student ID number starting with the upper case letter

How to log in to the Banner student registration system

How to log in to the duPont Library databases from off campus

To access the library's online resources from any off-campus location with Internet access, follow these simple instructions:
1. Start here (the library's web site):
2. Go to the "Electronic Databases" portion of the site; then choose the specific resource you wish to use.
3. If you are not on campus, you will be prompted for a user name and password before you can use the resource.

user name: Your first and last names (include a space between them)
password: Your University ID barcode number (example: 2B00200000)

It is very important to note that our licenses with the database providers generally do not allow persons who are not affiliated with the University to have access to the resources outside of the library. Therefore, please do not redistribute your name and password information.

Finally, there is a very small number of resources for which the above logon instructions will not work. Should you encounter one of them, or experience any other difficulties with remote access to our online resources, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone 931-598-1368.


How to log in to your duPont library account: "My Library"

To renew books that you have checked out or save searches for your favorite authors or topics, you can log in to My Library.

1.  Start here (the library web site):
2.  Go to the "Classic Catalog."
3.  Choose "My Library" from the top right side of the window.

user name: Your first and last names (include a space between them)
password: Your University ID barcode number (example: 2B00200000)

To renew your books:

1.  View the items you have checked out.
2.  Select those that you would like to renew, videos and audiobooks cannot be renewed online.

To set up a saved search:

1.  Choose to do a "New Search" from the top right side of the window.
2.  Search for a favorite author:
    a.  Choose Author search from the drop-down menu.
    b.  Put in the author's name, last name first.  (e.g., Patterson, James).
    c.  Choose the correct James Patterson from the list of results.
    d.  Choose "Save as Preferred Search" (button to the right of the search box at the top of results).
3.  Customize your preferred search:
    a.  Choose "My Library" from the top right side of the window.
    b.  Choose "Preferred Searches" from the left side of the window.
    c.  Check the "Mark for Email" box next to the search you created if you would like to get an email when a new book by this author is available in the library.
    d.  Choose "Update List."


How to log in to ILLiad for interlibrary loan requests

To order books or other items that are not available in the duPont Library, use ILLiad to make your requests. 

You will need to create an account:

1.  Start here:
2.  Choose:  First Time Users
3.  View the copyright information and agree to the terms and conditions (button at the bottom of the page).
4.  Fill in the new user registration forms (just the boxes with *) and choose your own user name and password.

User nameYou create it
Password:  You create it

To request a book or another items, log in to ILLiad:

1.  Start here:
2.  Choose the type of item you would like (article, book, book chapter, dissertation).
3.  Fill in all the information that you have about the item (author, title, dates, pages, etc.).

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