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Jessie Ball duPont Library: Physical Media Collections

The Jessie Ball duPont Library at the University of the South, Sewanee, TN, offers an extensive range of resources and services to support teaching and learning.

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Physical Media Collections

The Library has over 7,000 DVD videos, 4,000 music CDs, and 1,000 spoken word CD's. The collection has been formulated to support both the instructional and research programs of the university, as well as the cultural and recreational needs of the community. All of our media titles are cataloged and can be retrieved in the the Library Catalog as you would a book, by searching by title, author (composer, director, performer), or subject. With the advanced search, or in TigerSearch, you can limit your results to the media type you are looking for.

Video Collection

DVDs have a loan period of seven days and patrons may borrow up to five titles at a time. Some videos are also on Reserve for class use. The collection is arranged into several sections. Animated, Children's Movies, Features, Foreign Films, and Television shows are shelved separately from the educational videos, which have Library of Congress call numbers.  Find Video


Music CD Collection

CD'sThe CD collection includes mainly classical and ethnic music and some popular music intended to support the curriculum. CD's are arranged by Audio-CD number, in the approximate order of purchase, so that the most recently acquired titles are at the end. The CD's have a 3-day loan period. Additional CD's and also vinyl LP recordings are housed in the Ralston Music LibraryFind Music

Spoken Audio Collection

This collection includes spoken-word recordings in CD format. The collection is arranged in LC classification, and the titles have a loan period of 5 weeks.

Theology Media

CassetteRecordings and videos purchased by the theology program to support its programs is no longer separated from the main collection, but a collection of older formats such as cassettes, slides, and kits are still housed in a media room adjacent to the Theology Reference office. Most materials are classified with LC call numbers and are available for checkout with varying loan periods.

See also the Ralston Music Library


The Ralston Library has over 25,000 music recordings in CD and LP formats.

Jessie Ball duPont Library, University of the South
178 Georgia Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383