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Guide for Theological E-resources: Getting Started

E-resources for Theology

Oxford Reference

Oxford Reference OnlineEnter a search term in the box below to search selected dictionaries and encyclopedias from Oxford University Press:

Credo Reference

Searching Tips for Full-Text Databases

General searching:

  • CTRL-F or F3: to find a word or words on a page (PC)
  • Command-F: to find a word or words on a page (Apple)

Searching for exact words and phrases:

There is no perfect way to search for exact phrases since each database may perform exact phrase searching differently. Using "quotation marks" around your search term may work in some searches. For advanced searching, it is recommended that you use the “native interface” of each database.

Additional search strategies:

Use * to find all words that begin with the same root: relig* finds religion and religious.

Searching specific fields:

  • All: Searches all the fields available
  • Keyword: All Fields (the default)
  • Title: Searches the title field
  • Author: Searches the author field
  • Abstract: Searches the abstract field
  • Subject: Searches the subject field

Boolean searching:

  • Use AND to connect separate concepts. AND will narrow a search.
    Example: Philo AND Alexandria
  • Use OR to connect similar terms. OR will broaden your search.
    Example: religious OR religios
  • Use NOT to eliminate separate terms. NOT will narrow your search.
    Example: Philo NOT Larisa


Subject Guide

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