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Guide for Theological E-resources: Software

E-resources for Theology

Any other suggestions?

Are there any other software applications that you found useful in your research and study, thus far? Please, share with us your favorite tools.  

Primary sources


E-Sword is a Bible exegesis software that includes several free add on Bible versions, dictionaries and commentaries. It's easy to use with tutorials, manuals and training demos all provided for free on the e-Sword Website. A Pocket PC version of e-Sword called Pocket e-Sword is also available for free.


Eloquent (previously MacSword) is a free open-source application designed specifically for Mac users running Mac OS X. It is based on the Sword project of open source Bible software, making it compatible with many Bible translations and more than 200 Bible study texts.


Logos Bible Software is one of the best paid Bible study software programs. It is designed for anyone from the beginner to the most serious Bible scholar. Although the software is a hefty investment, it contains a complete collection of primary and secondary texts covering both the Old and the New Testament history of exegesis.


Accordance is the preferred choice for Mac users. It features the Greek, Hebrew and the Septuagint Bibles, and is packed with tools specifically designed for close analysis of the original languages of the Bible text.


BibleWorks contains resources designed specifically to assist pastors, seminary students, professors and missionaries in their exegesis of the Biblical text. The base package contains the key resources needed for careful exegesis (with a small number of additional databases available as add-on resources). It contains more than 250 Bible translations in over 40 languages, 45 original language texts and morphology databases, 30 lexical-grammatical references, and a wealth of practical reference works. Reference works include Greek and Hebrew vocabulary flashcards and pronunciation

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