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Library Services for Faculty: Book Selection Tools

A quick guide to the duPont Library's services for faculty members at the University of the South.

Book Selection Tools

College faculty do most of the book selection for the undergraduate collection. (Theology faculty may submit their book requests to Romulus Stefanut, Librarian for the School of Theology.) We provide several book selection tools (below), in order to assist faculty with the selection process.

Weekly Notifications-- GOBI Alerts


YBP, our academic book vendor, provides customized lists of newly published books in each discipline or interest area. These lists are primarily based on Library of Congress call number ranges. Permanent faculty will receive weekly notices from YBP. Ask Penny Cowan to set up your profile with YBP.

These messages are called "GOBI (Global Online Bibliographic Information) Notifications" because they come from YBP's GOBI system. The emails will come with the following "from" and "subject" lines:

Subject: GOBI Notification: [your department]- [# of slips] items for period 11/30/2016 - 12/6/2016

  1. After clicking on the link provided in the email, you should see a list of titles in your discipline.
  2. You may mark individual titles by clicking on the white vertical bar immediately to the left of the bibliographic record. This bar should turn dark blue.
  3. You then must click on Recommend in the menu on the left side of the screen. This will put your marked items in the select cart for us to retrieve. If you do not click recommend, we will not see your selections and your selections will not be ordered.
  4. After recommending titles, you will see Title Recommended at the top of the record. This is your confirmation.
  5. In the Library Note field at the very bottom of each record, you may click on the blue "Add" and input a note to us. This is a good place to record if you want us to notify you, or if you want the book charged to a special account. 

Help with GOBI Alerts

Choice Reviews Online

ChoiceCHOICE magazine is a highly-regarded academic collection development journal. CHOICE Reviews Online sends you monthly emails with reviews from CHOICE Magazine, based on the criteria you select. Click here for instructions to set up your profile for this service.


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