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Archaeology 332: Archaeological Resource Management and Policy

A guide to basic information resources on Archaeological Resource Management and Policy, Archaeology 332.

The Assignment

Assignment 4: Illegal Antiquities Trade

Pick a case study or topic that indirect or directly relates to the illegal antiquities trade. I prefer that you use an international case or topic where at least part of the case occurs outside the US. You must OK your topic with me at least two weeks before the assignment is due. Research and write a 5 double-spaced pages (not counting citations) about your topic. I expect you to use at least 5 original sources in your research.  Your sources can include scholarly articles, chapters, books, or newspaper articles. If applicable, cite the UNESCO convention and other international conventions and proclamations to contextualize the case. I encourage you to include your own thoughts on the case and its broader significance.

Background Information

Global Social Issues

Click on the image above to go to an encyclopedia. 

Choose "Antiquities Theft and Restitution." 

More Background Information

Illicit Antiquities from Encyclopedia of Archaeology


News and Current Events

There are many news and current events resources. Listed below are some of the resources with more broad coverage, especially internationally. These include a variety of traditional news, news magazine, and journal materials, as well as examples of resources from some international organizations. 

Find Books

Find Journal Articles