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Anglican Communion--Liturgy, Music, History: USA

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church


The Book of Common Prayer 1979- BX5943 .A1 2013

I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing- BX5979.5.H65 E65 2012

Holy Women, Holy Men- BX5947 .L4 2010


Enriching Our Worship 5-

Enriching Our Worship 4- BX5945 .A3 2007a

Enriching Our Worship 3- BX5945 .A3 2007

The Book of Occasional Services, 2003- BX5947.B8 O33 2003


Lesser Feasts and Fasts, 2000- BX5947.L4 P76 P76 and year in vol.field

Enriching Our Worship 2- BX5945 .A3 2000

Il Libro della Preghiera Commun- BX5943 .I8 1999

Enriching Our Worship- BX5945 .A3 1997

The Book of Occasional Services, 1994- BX5947.B8 O33 1994

The Book of Occasional Services, 1991- BX5947.B8 O33 1991

Initiation Rites of the Episcopal Church- BX5949.B2 E47 1991

Supplemental Liturgical Materials- BX5945 .A3 1991

The Anglican Service Book- BX5943.A4 G6 1991

Ritual para Ocasiones Especiales- BX5947.B8 O33 1990

El Libro de Oración Común- BX5943 .S65 1989

Prayer Book Parallels- BX5943.A3 M37

Le Livre de la Prière Commune- BX5943 .F7 1983

Ministry to the Sick (proposed)- BX5947 .S3 1977

The Prayer Book Office- BX5943.A4 P7 1963

Le Livre de Prières Publiques- BX5943 .F7 1958

The Book of Offices (1949)-

The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory (1933)-

The Book of Common Prayer 1928-


A Book of Offices (1914)-

Den Allmänna Bönboken- BX5943 .S94 1913

The Holy Communion Office- BX5944.C75 H65 1912

A Book of Offices and Prayers for Priest and People-

Book of Common Prayer 1892- BX5943 .A1 1892a

Book of Common Prayer 1867- BX5943 .A1 1867

Le Livre de Prières Publiques- BX5943 .F7 1860

Book of Common Prayer 1789- BX5943 .A1 1835


Enriching Our Music 2- M2016 .E57 v. 2

Enriching Our Music 1- M2016 .E57 v. 1

Voices Found- M2125 .H974 (1982) 2003

El Himnario- M2125 .H658 1998

Wonder, Love, and Praise- M2125 1982 .A1 Suppl. 1997

Lift Every Voice and Sing II- M2125 .L54 1993

We Sing of God: A Hymnal for Children- M2125 .W4 1989

The Plainsong Psalter- M2170.6 .E64 1988

The Anglican Chant Psalter- M2168.6 .A54 1987

Gradual Psalms for Lesser Feasts and Fasts- M2125 .C5 no.6 pt.5

The Hymnal 1982- M2125 1982

Gradual Psalms, Alleluia Verse and Tracts for Year C- M2125 .C5 no.6 pt.3

Gradual Psalms, Alleluia Verses and Tracts for Holy Days, Various Occasions, Pastoral Offices and Episcopal Services- M2125 .C5 no.6 pt.4

Gradual Psalms, Alleluia Verses and Tracts for Year B- M2125 .C5 no.6 pt.2

Congregational Music for Eucharist- M2125 .C5 no.5b

Gradual Psalms, Alleluia Verses and Tracts for Year C- M2125 .C5 no.6 pt.1

The Book of Canticles- M2125 .C5 no.2

Hymns III- M2125 .C5 no.3

More Hymns and Spiritual Songs- M2125 1940 .H59 1977 Suppl.2

Hymnal Supplement II- M2125 1940 .H59 1976 suppl.2

The Hymnal 1940, with Canticles and Collection of Service Music, 1961- M2125 1940 .H59 1975 melody ed

The Hymnal 1940, with Supplements I and II- M2125 1940 .H59 1961

Songs for Liturgy and More Hymns and Spiritual Songs- M2170.4 .P4 1971

Trial Music for Contemporary Worship- M2170.2 1969 .T7 1969

The Hymnal 1940- M2125 1940 .H59 1957

The Oxford American Psalter- M2170.6.B7 O9 1949

Songs of Praise for America- M2117 .S66 1938

The Hymnal 1916- M2125 1916 .H59 1936a 

The Choral Service- M2016 .E6 1929

The Hymnal 1892- M2125 1892 .H59 1921

The Church Psalter- M2170.6 .C48 1905

Hymnal and Canticles of the Protestant Episcopal Church- M2125 1874 .H59 1879

Hymns of the PECUSA: Set Forth in the Years of Our Lord 1789, 1808, 1826- BX5946 .A1 1833


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