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Jessie Ball duPont Library


Placing Materials on Reserve

Jessie Ball duPont Library honors requests from faculty to place course related items on reserve that are in compliance with US Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107) and the fair use guidelines.

Faculty can notify the library about books,articles, or media to place on reserve may be submitted at the Circulation desk by emailing or by filling out the request form.

As a safeguard against copyright infringement the library has taken the following measures:

Print Reserves

  • Materials are kept behind the service desk and are only available for use in the library.
  • For journal articles or book chapters the full citation is available on the front page..

Electronic Reserves

  • Files are stored on the library’s Blackboard server.
  • Materials placed on e-reserves for Blackboard are kept for one semester.

Copying Computer Software

Computer software is tangible material and can be copyrighted. The Doctrine of Fair Use applies to computer software.

Permissible uses of copyrighted software owned by or licensed to the University or its faculty:

  • Copying it by using it in a computer's memory.
  • Making one backup or archival copy.
  • Making adaptations in order to use a particular machine.
  • Lending it.

Prohibited uses of copyrighted software:

  • Making copies for gift or sale.
  • Copying a computer program purchased for use at the University in order to use it at home.
  • Copying a computer program purchased for use in one department or school for use in another department or school. A site license should be negotiated to allow multiple uses on campus.