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Business Research Guide

NEW - MarketLine


MarketLine provides company, industry, country and financial data for every major marketplace in the world. Includes company SWOTs, company overviews, industry profiles, case studies, financial deals, country analysis, news, and a statistics database covering over half a million data points for 215 countries and 46 political and geographic groupings. The database allows keyword and Boolean searching of the full-text of the reports, which are in PDF format, as well as the thousands of news and commentary items, which are in text format. The market data and the economic indicators may be downloaded for spreadsheet analysis.
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Data Sources

Statistical Abstract of the US

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is often the best place to begin when searching for data on nearly any topic pertaining to or within the US. It can be used to find data and it can be used as an index to identify sources of data to explore further. The link above will direct you to the Statistical Abstract site, or you can search it using the box just below.