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Art History 202: History of Photography

A guide to the basic information resources on the history of photography, Art History 202.


This guide is intended to direct you to fundamental resources to use when performing research in the area of art history. The resources here are by no means comprehensive, but are intended to help you achieve a sound start to your work.

Please feel free to contact me if you have suggestions for additions or other ways to improve this guide.

Start Your Research

Grove Art Online (aka Oxford Art Online) is a great reference source that searches specifically for information related to art. This is helpful when you want to get background information on a historical period, for example, the Song Dynasty. Grove Art will give you information on that period that is relevant to art history. This is also a great source to use to search for artists and terms or ideas in art history.

Oxford Art Online Search Box
Oxford Art Online

TigerSearch looks through almost all of our library holdings. Use this search to figure out what kind of sources different keywords and phrases pull out. On the results page, you can also limit to source type (for example, newspapers) or limit to a certain time period.

Oxford Art Online