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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Business 250: Organizational Management and Theory

Locating Books in the Library

Below is a very general outline of the major Library of Congress Classification areas in which materials in business administration and related areas can be found. Most of these materials will be located on the main floor of the library. Using the library catalog is best to pinpoint materials; however, the areas listed below can also help guide you to areas in which you can browse for materials.

HA1-4737      Statistics
HB1-3840      Economic theory.  Demography
HC10-1085    Economic history and conditions
HD28-9999    Industries.  Land use.  Labor
HE1-9990     Transportation and communications
HF1-6182     Commerce and General Business
HG1-9999     Finance
HJ9-9940      Public finance



Questions and Answers about TigerSearch

  • When should I use TigerSearch?

TigerSearch is the place for general searches. With a single search, you can find all of the Library's materials, including articles. Use key words and phrases that you pull from your assignments or other sources to create a search.

The facets on the left give you lots of ways to target your results, by language, by geographic area, and by type of material, and also gives you ideas for related searches.

The TigerSearch articles search is great for searching multiple databases and journal collections all at the same time. You can choose groups of databases to search in using the subject portfolios at the left.

  • What does TigerSearch search?

TigerSearch searches our library’s holdings, which the Classic Catalog also searches, along with the contents of most of our databases. Some databases are not accessible to TigerSearch, so if you want to search those databases, you need to go to them directly. (See a list of databases not included in TigerSearch here.)

Need a book we don't have?