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Jessie Ball duPont Library


Sewanee's Collection

Sewanee has a limited number of topographic maps since we are a government depository.  We have a complete set of Tennessee maps and a limited number of surrounding states.  These are located through our online catalog at duPont Library.


Topographic Maps Online can be downloaded free of charge by visiting The National Map website.

Topographic Maps

  • Broer Map Library
    Cooperative online map collection features topos of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington.
  • Historic Topographic Maps
    A new site created by the USGS for historic topographic maps. This is an on-going project and the site currently has 90,000 maps available with plans to upload more.
  • MapFinder
    MapFinder TM for Google Earth TM is a free application that shows the 7.5 minute quad (1:24,000 USGS United States topographic map) boundaries for the lower 48 states and Hawaii.
  • Montana Public Land Survey Subsection Finder
    This form allows you to specify a Public Land Survey subsection whose location you want us to estimate.
  • Natural Resource Information System
    The most comprehensive collection of geospatial data for Montana
  • USGS Field Records
    The Field Records Collection is an archive of field notes, correspondence, manuscripts, maps, analysis reports and other data created or collected by USGS geologists during field studies and other project work.
  • USGS Special Collections
    USGS Special Collections can help locate out of print and historic topographic maps for the entire United States.
  • USGS Topographic Mapping Booklet
    A guide published by the USGS that defines what a topographic map is and how topo maps are currently created. It also includes information about the history of the USGS topographic mapping project.
     **Information from The University of Montana

What Are Topo Maps?


Topographic maps are based on topographical surveys and show both natural and man-made features. Contour lines are used to depict elevation while the legend and margins contain other useful information. These maps are often used by hikers to plan routes as they offer information about the terrain of an area.

**Information from The University of Idaho

NOAA Historical Maps and Charts

The Office of Coast Survey's Historical Map & Chart Collection contains over 20,000 maps and charts from the late 1700s to present day. The Collection includes some of the nation's earliest nautical charts, hydrographic surveys, topographic surveys, geodetic surveys, city plans and Civil War battle maps.