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Citation Management Tools

Syncing in Zotero

Syncing between various computers is a necessity if you do research on multiple computers around the Butler campus.  This guide will walk you through synchronizing your citations.

Note: This guide assumes you have already created a Zotero account.  Click here for more information on creating a Zotero account.  This guide also requires that you are running at least Zotero 1.5 or higher.  Syncing is not supported on previous versions of Zotero.

1. Open your Zotero dialog box and click on the settings tab, then click on Preferences.

The preferences option in the Settings drop-down menu.

2. Click on the Sync icon at the top of the preferences dialogue box shown below.


4. Enter your username and password under the "Zotero Sync Server" dialog box.  Ignore everything under the "Storage Server" settings.  Click okay after entering your login information.

5. If Zotero doesn't automatically update your information from their servers then it may be necessary to force a manual sync.  This can also be used any time that you've added information on one computer and don't want to wait for the Zotero servers to automatically update it on a second computer.

6. To initiate a manual sync simply click on the green arrow on the right side of the Zotero dialog box, pictured below:


The green button with the circular arrow will manually sync with the Zotero servers.

Your data should now be synced across both computers.  If you are using a public computer then always be sure to log out of your account before leaving to prevent others from gaining access to and potentially damaging your Zotero bibliography.