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Environmental Studies 320: Environment and Sustainability Colloquium

A guide to basic information resources on Environment and Sustainability Colloquium, Environmental Studies 320.

What is your Main Idea?

The first step of putting your research together into some form of finished product is to determine your main idea. In the humanities, your main idea will typically result in a thesis statement which will guide your paper. In the sciences, you will often articulate your main idea as a testable hypothesis. Each way of articulating your main idea requires a slightly different approach, but both types of main ideas require two decisions on your part:

  1. Determine your intention in this assignment and your probable conclusions
  2. Refine the scope and objective of your research project in the light of what you have learned from your sources.

Understanding Scholarly Articles

Can I trust the Internet?

The Internet is a treasure trove of good and bad information. How can you pick the good from the bad? What are the best ways to search the Internet? While it is best to begin any college level research at an academic library, here are few tips to keep in mind as you evaluate internet sources.

Source Evaluation Tutorial