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Chemistry 201: Organic Chemistry I

A guide to basic information resources on Organic Chemistry I, Chemistry 201.

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The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things

Shows how chemistry affects our lives. * To emphasize the experimental basis of chemistry, chapters begin with demonstrations that readers can perform for themselves. * Think, Speculate, Reflect, and Ponder sections include questions that ask readers to think critically about the connections between chemistry, society, and individual values.

Chemistry in the Garden

The aim of this book is to describe some aspects of the chemistry and chemical ecology which are found in the garden.


Provides a general overview of spice chemistry. Discusses the characterization, extraction, and intensity of flavors. Identifies the flavor components and antioxidant properties of specific spices.

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

In this collection of delightful, instructive, witty, and thoroughly accessible essays, Dr. Schwarcz presents stories of science and its illegitimate imitators. This authoritative book, well grounded in science, turns the table on the pseudo-science of snake oil nostrums, palliatives, and nutritional nonsense.

Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor

Bringing the instruments and experimental techniques of the laboratory into the kitchen, This uses recent research in the chemistry, physics, and biology of food to challenge traditional ideas about cooking and eating. 

Chemistry in the Kitchen Garden

The book is aimed at readers with a chemical background who wish to know a little more about the natural products that they are eating, their beneficial effects, and the roles that these compounds have in nature. 

Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry

Provides a concise introduction to the chemistry of therapeutically active compounds, written in a readable and accessible style. 

Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

The history of food and drink in America is an exciting tale of unexpected twists and turns that are even more amusing than the oft-repeated myths.

Chemistry Connections

One of the greatest challenges facing chemists and chemical educators today is conveying the central importance and relevance of chemistry to students and society at large. The new edition of Chemistry Connections highlights the fundamental role of chemical principles in governing our everyday experiences and observations. Introductory chemistry students and educators as well as laypersons with an inquisitiveness about the world around them will find the book an informative introduction to the context of chemistry in their lives. The book is written in a lively question-and-answer format with presentations in both lay and technical terms.

Vanity, Vitality, and Virility: the science behind the products you love to buy

Vanity, Vitality, and Virility is essentially a collection of 'portraits' loosely arranged into 'galleries' that bring together related themes. While it will not advise you what to do if you want to improve your looks, your health, your peace of mind, or your sex life, it does explain the science behind many of the products that claim to be able to do just that. It looks at a range of products and ingredients that impinge on our everyday life and explains in plain language how 30 commonly encountered chemicals work, and how and why we use them. 

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