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What are EBSCO eBooks

What are EBSCO ebooks?

EBSCO ebooks are online versions of print books that your library has either purchased with a perpetual license or via an annual subscription. ebooks that are owned will be available to the library in perpetuity, with provisions being made for long term access and preservation. ebooks available via subscription are renewed annually for the library to retain access. EBSCO ebooks are available from all major academic publishers in virtually all academic disciplines.

EBSCO ebooks offer a number of advantages over their print counterparts.  Users can:

  • Download titles to mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, and Android Devices
  • Search within a book for specific words or phrases
  • Save, print, or email chapters or sections
  • Copy and paste portions of text for easy access during the research process
  • Link to books or book chapters for easy reference or social sharing
  • Save a list of favorite books to a personal book shelf
  • Generate or export citations to bibliographic management tools
  • Save notes to a personal folder with an EBSCOhost account
  • Navigate between sections or chapters and the index via linking
  • Place holds on titles with limited simultaneous user licenses (though most titles are available for unlimited access)

If you’re interested in making a purchase of an ebook for the library collection, contact your subject librarian.

Ebook Viewer

New EBSCO ebooks Viewer

EBSCO’s updated online ebook viewer supports reading on desktop or laptop computers and tablet devices. Our reader is browser-based, so there’s no need to download special software or hardware; users simply search, click and immediately start reading.

EBSCO ebook Viewer

Key Features:

  • Access anytime, anywhere – available for iOS and Android devices
  • Support for scrolling through the entire ebook to find relevant information
  • Updated handling to display PDF content without plug-ins or adjustments to browser settings
  • Support for researchers’ needs with cite, note, export and dictionary tools
  • Print, email, and save tools enable patrons to take chapters or pages directly from the viewer
  • Quickly download the entire ebook for further reading offline
  • A growing number of titles available in both PDF and EPUB formats, providing choices for users

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