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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Faculty Publications

A guide to Sewanee's faculty publications.

Recently Published Books and Media

Submit Your Publications!

The Library celebrates and promotes the scholarly publications of Sewanee's faculty. We collect two copies of each book or media item – one for the circulating collection and one to keep in Archives as a preservation copy. The Archives copy is displayed in the glass case in the main lobby and we also place a circulating copy of each book on the adjacent open shelves for check-out. We no longer collect print copies of individual articles for the Archives, but we will list your article on this page, with a link if possible. 

Please bring us copies of your new books and media items so we can include them. If you do not have a copy to give us, please fill out this form so we can purchase copies.

If you would like to send us a list of all of your publications (in citation form) or make corrections or additions to your listing, please email us.