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Jessie Ball duPont Library



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hoopla is a digital media service that enables you to borrow a great selection of eBooks, comics, audiobooks, movies, television shows, and music albums via your browser, smartphone or tablet (iOS 6 and via select Android devices).

  •     Easy to use
  •     No waiting to borrow
  •     Automatic returns

How long can I keep what I’ve checked out?

    Movies and TV shows = 3 days
    Music albums = 7 days
    Audiobooks = 21 days
    Ebooks = 21 days
    Comic books = 21 days

How many items can I check out?

You are allowed 5 items per month. Television series count each episode as one item.  When you check out music, one album counts as one checkout.

What do I need to register?

You will need your barcode from your library card or your University ID, and a valid email address. Once you set up your account the first time, you will log in using your email address and the password that you chose.

How often does hoopla get new content?

The short answer is weekly, but they are constantly working with studios and publishers to add content to build hoopla.

Can I use hoopla on a mobile device?

Yes, hoopla has apps for iOS (Apple) devices, Android, Kindle, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Alexa.

Need further help?

Visit the hoopla Help page for instructions for various devices, controls, and troubleshooting.