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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Politics 338: Constitutional Law - Civil Rights

Basic Legal Research Resources

One of the resources you will use most for this course is LexisNexis Academic. It offers a rich array of legal materials. Included in the Lexis collection are these materials:
  • Federal & State Cases
  • Supreme Court Briefs
  • Federal Statutes, Codes & Regulations
  • State Statutes, Codes & Regulations
  • Law Reviews
  • Legal Reference
If you need to locate a court decision at any level, or a law or regulation, you can easily do so with Lexis. Additionally, you can search law reviews to see what legal scholars have written about a certain issue or case.

In addition to the significant legal resources in Lexis, there is also a vast news archive in Lexis, which is updated daily. You may wish to look at news reports concerning a noteworthy case that pertains to your argument, and Lexis will offer national, regional, and local sources to do that.

You may wish to view materials pertaining to the making of laws in order to try to understand "legislative intent." ProQuest Congressional provides access to an enormous body of Congressional material as well as supplementary resources such as legislative histories.

Should you need to search for legislative resources at the state level, one place to begin is with the listing of state legislature websites maintained on the THOMAS site.

Additional Databases for Legal and Legislative Research