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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Reading Strategies

Active Reading

Active Reading is exactly what it sounds like.  It means doing things while reading that help you better understand and remember what you're reading. Try some of the strategies below to improve the way you approach your reading assignments.


Reading Improvement

Learn some important strategies for improving your reading comprehension, rate of speed, and retention from the librarians at Dartmouth College.


10 Reading Tips

Here are some tips to help you read successfully!

1. Find a quiet place with no distractions

2. Empty your mind of all distractions

3. Pace yourself

4. Read first, then underline

5. Read the text like it is being spoken to you

5. Read all introductions, summaries and conclusions

7. Mark main ideas and key supporting points

8. Use a consistent marking method

9. Use annotation marks in the margin

10. Follow the Rule of 10

The Rule of 10

The rule of ten is a tool students use to help them remember and understand information that they are reading.  It means that for every 10 pages you read, take a small break.  Here are some things you could do on your breaks:

  • eat something healthy
  • try to put what you read into your own words
  • check your email
  • stretch out your muscles
  • move around
  • listen to one song

Taking these small breaks can help you to stay focused on the subject matter, give your brain time to process what your read, and keep you fresh so you can read more.