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Theatre 245: The Audition Process

A guide to basic information resources on the audition process, Theatre 245.

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Searching for Books and Other Resources

duPont Library Catalog: 

  • To find books, video, audio, and other materials in our library

  • Start with a keyword search. 

  • Once you have found an item that matches what you're looking for, use the subject headings to locate similar materials. 

  • When you retrieve a book from the shelf, look around that book for others on a similar subject.


  • To find materials held by other libraries around the world

  • If duPont doesn't own it, you will need to request it via Interlibrary Loan.

  • Books requested through Interlibrary Loan can take a while to be shipped here. Articles are usually delivered electronically, and therefore, are much quicker. 

Google Book Search:

  • To find books that you might find in duPont or want to request via Interlibrary Loan

  • Has the ability to search the full-text of books

When to Use What

Use TigerSearch to:

  • Use TigerSearch to identify and locate books, video, audio and other material in our library.
  • Figure out your search terms. For example, Folk Music and Appalachia. 
  • When you find your book, look around at the books around it. You may end up finding other great resources.

Use WorldCat to:

  • Identify materials held by other libraries around the world.
  • If Sewanee doesn't own it, then you can request it through interlibrary loan. See the box below. 

Use Google Books to:

  • Search the full-text of some books. 
  • Find other sources that will be useful to your search.

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Google Book Search

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