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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Using Zoom for Meetings

Downloading and Signing In

1. Download and open the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

2. Choose Sign In.

3. Choose Google sign in. Then sign in using your regular Sewanee email and password.

4. Zoom will launch and open to this screen with your name. This is the home page for the app.




1. Click the Settings option at the bottom of the home screen.

2. Clicking on the arrow by your name and email takes you to your Profile Settings. Other potentially useful option settings available from this screen are Meetings and Chats.

3. In your Profile Settings you can:

  1. Add a photo
  2. Correct or edit your name
  3. Create a personalized meeting link name
  4. Lots more
  5. Do NOT update your password. Our Zoom accounts are tied into the Sewanee email system which means they use our regular Sewanee emails and passwords.

4. When you’re done, click the back arrow at the top of the screen or your phone's back button.

Scheduling Meetings

1. From the home screen click Schedule.


2. After setting the date and time click Done at the top of the screen.

3. Adding invitee options pops up (options will vary). If you don’t want to send any invites via those options, just click the screen behind the pop up. You can always add invitees later.

Anytime you send an invitation or add invitees, no matter what format (email, text, etc.) the invitation sends the attendees everything they need to join, for whichever way they want to join (video or phone).

4. Once you’ve set up the meeting, you can choose any of these options or edit the meeting. From this screen, when you’re done, you have to click the Cancel button or your phone's back button.

Don’t worry your meeting and its settings are saved!

Hosting a Meeting

1. The Meet & Chat home screen will display a list of today's meetings hosted by you (along with recent Zoom activity on this device). You can start the meeting from there.

2. All meetings hosted by you can be seen on the Meetings page. You can edit a meeting by clicking on the meeting title.

3. To display the control buttons (microphone, video, screen sharing, end, etc.) during a meeting, tap anywhere on the screen.

4. Clicking on the Participants button allows you to see a list of everyone currently in the meeting, assign privileges to a specific attendee (like designating a co-host), or to mute/unmute everyone.

5. Mute/Unmute All buttons are at the bottom of the screen. To grant privileges to someone, click on their name.

6. Options that can be granted to the attendee are listed.

7. Use the Close button, or your phone's back button, to return to the video screen.

In a Meeting: Chat

1. When a chat message is sent, it will briefly show up at the bottom of your meeting screen.

2. To see all the chats, or to send a chat, click on the Participants button. The red circle shows the number of new chat messages.

3. From the Participants screen, click on the Chat button.

4. Read or send chats. To get back to the video screen, click the Close button or use your phone's back button.

In a Meeting: Screen Sharing

1. To share your screen or use a whiteboad, click the Share button at the bottom. All your sharing options are displayed.

2. When sharing your screen (or other options) the Zoom controls disappear. There is a very faint arrow in a box at the lower corner of the screen.

3. Clicking that arrow brings up these controls: Annotation and Stop Sharing.

4. The Annotation button provides lots of options to draw or write directly on the shared item.

In a Meeting: Meeting Views and Safe Driving Mode

1. There are 3 modes during a meeting. Speaker View is the default screen.

2. Swipe your screen to the left to display the Gallery View.

3. To engage the Safe Driving Mode, swipe to the right from Speaker View (center screen). This automatically stops your video and mutes your microphone but you can still hear the meeting.

4. You can tap the big button in the center to unmute and remute your microphone. Swipe to the left to exit Safe Driving Mode.