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Jessie Ball duPont Library

LIBR 101: Academic Research and Critical Thinking

A guide to useful resources that will assist students in their topic development, resource searching and evaluation, and the ethical use of information.

Doing Research for your Wikipedia Article

Look at the references for your article
  • check links and fix broken links using the Wayback Machine
  • fix things that look weird
  • if sources look useful, take a look at them to see if they offer helpful information that isn't on the Wikipedia page yet.
Look for information in the library
  • look for encyclopedias (they are linked on this research guide)
    • Credo Reference

    • Oxford Reference Online

  • search for your person in TigerSearch
  • look for books or articles they may be mentioned in
    • look at the Find Books and Find Journal Articles pages on this guide

    • these books and articles may not talk about them in the title so they might not show up on TigerSearch

Look for information outside the library
  • search for your person's name on Google and Google Scholar
  • to find citations, search for the information on Google, often this will pull up the source that the Wikipedia editor used
  • use your fact checking skills to determine whether this is a reliable source (you can also ask Linnea or Heidi)

Helpful Resources for Wikipedia Project

Reference Sources from duPont Library

The databases on this first page will lead you to reference sources. These sources are not usually acceptable to cite in a paper (although you can use them as citations in a Wikipedia article). Use them to find keywords to add to your search or to look for other sources in bibliographies or lists of references.

Credo Reference Search Box

Online Reference Collections

Other Helpful Skills

Polish some of the research skills that will be necessary for research, writing, and presentation across multiple academic disciplines.