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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Library Instruction

Library Instruction Program

General Information

Library instruction is provided each day to individuals in the Library, and via telephone, email. and chat. The Library staff gives personalized research assistance and guidance in the use of electronic resources. Detailed instruction is given in a classroom setting and is tailored by subject area liaisons to the research needs of a course. More extensive instruction is offered in LIBR 101: Academic Research and Critical Thinking, a half-credit Library research methods course. Whenever possible, hands-on experience with Library resources is a part of Library instruction and research guides available from the Library website further aid the research process.

Program Goals

The Research Help Department's Library Instruction Program has several goals. It is designed to:

  • Introduce students to the collections and services of an academic library and familiarize them with the Research Help office and staff.
  • Empower students to become more competent and critical in the selection, evaluation, and use of information sources both for academic purposes and in their own lives.
  • Elucidate general research strategies and tools that can be used for future academic research.
  • Alleviate student stress in using library resources.
  • Increase communication between students, faculty, and library staff to better serve information needs.

Instruction Session Information

It is best for Library instruction sessions to take place during regularly scheduled class time and for the course instructor be present to answer questions and contribute to the discussion. Library instruction sessions should be scheduled close to the time the information covered in the session is required, such as before a research assignment is due.

Following consultation with the course instructor, the Library staff will design a course-specific instruction session which includes information on applicable resources. Whenever possible, hands-on practice using electronic resources is provided. Throughout the presentation, students will be shown how to think critically about their information needs and evaluate the resources they may wish to use.

Contact Information

Please contact the Research Help Librarian in your subject area to arrange instruction sessions for your classes. You may also use the Library Instruction Request Form.

Session Date and Time

Session dates and times depend upon the availability of a classroom, as well as the librarians, at the times you specify. Remember that some librarians have regular teaching duties. You will be contacted if your requested dates cannot be fulfilled. You should try to schedule a session at least two weeks in advance.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail Heidi Syler, Director of ILIT.