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Friends of the Library at Sewanee: The University of the South: Derek Waller Award

Award Winners


Caleb Schaubroeck, Media Services


Tiffany Boyd, Resources Management Services, Cataloging

Roshni Walia, Instructional Technology Workshop


Nichole Osborne, Academic Technology Services

Brittany Phillips, Resources Management Services, Cataloging


Andrew Patty, Learning Access Services, Circulation

Anna Tracy, Resources Management Services, Serials


Eliza Epps, Learning Access Services, Circulation

Derek Waller Award

         In 2009, the Friends of the Library approved an annual award to be given to an exemplary work-study student in duPont Library.  This award was given in honor, and now in memory, of Dr. Derek Waller. The prize is in the form of a book in the student’s primary field of study, as well as a cash award.  Board members established this prize to recognize the diligence and dedication of Derek Waller during his years as Secretary to the Board of the Friends of the Library.  An original bookplate noting both Derek’s efforts and the selected student’s work will be placed in the book.  Prior to coming to Sewanee, Derek was Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University.  Besides his tenure as Secretary to the Friends of the Library Board, Derek was a tutor at Sewanee Elementary School.




Derek Waller Award Winners

2014 Winner

Caleb Schaubroeck, Media Services

We have been privileged to have Caleb Schaubroeck in Media Services for the last year and a half.  Not only is he creatively talented but he also has a warm, open disposition.  He has worked with us on Wednesdays for his entire tenure.  He has been assigned the task of moving a lectern for the School of Theology Wednesday luncheon at Cravens.  Upon his arrival at the office, I know that without being asked he will get the van keys, spare batteries, and Cravens keys and go ensure that the lectern is in good working order and positioned correctly.  It sounds like a small thing, but it is not.  His second offering of the work day is to ask what he can do to be of service.  And he will genuinely and enthusiastically make himself available for even the most onerous task.

He has researched, written and illustrated job aids for classes who check out audio-visual equipment.  With his incredible artistic talent and Sewanee writing skills, he made the process for connecting a recorder to a video camera clear to even the most technologically challenged.  (Of course, he incorporated humor as well.  "If you turn on recorder before turning on camera, Sewanee Police will be notified and you may be put on social probation.")

For always being willing and ready to work at a moment's notice, for being situationally aware, for always smiling and being polite to everyone, for being a great example to the younger work study students, I nominate Caleb.  He is liked and respected by everyone in the office.  We very much appreciate having worked with him for the last year and look forward to the remainder of our time with him.  He will be missed. -- Joan Hurst, Supervisor


2013 Winners

Tiffany Boyd, Resources Management Services, Cataloging

"I don't know what profession Tiffany will aspire to in the future, but if asked, I will recommend her highly.  Someone will be very lucky to have her as an employee.  I've always considered this position as a 'real' job.  Tiffany's demeanor and ability have made it so." -- Odis Ellison, Supervisor

Roshni Walia, Instructional Technology Workshop

"Roshni is very bright, resourceful, diligent, dedicated, interested in technology, and very pleasant.  She is happy to approach any task and does it well along with bringing insight and suggestions." - Mary O'Neill, Supervisor

2012 Winners

Nichole Osborne, Learning Access Services, ATC Desk

"Nichole has a positive attitude towards work, and she has the initiative to go the extra mile. She consistently gives her work her full effort and attention. Thanks to Nichole, our services are not just offered, but enhanced." - Sharon Tomes, Supervisor

Brittany Phillips, Resources Management Services, Cataloging

"Brittany is a well-rounded individual with diverse interests. She is always willing to do whatever is needed. She is an asset to our department." - Misty Isbell, Supervisor


2011 Winners

Andrew Patty, Learning Resources Services, Circulation

“Andrew completes all assigned tasks with great efficiency, and also does a fabulous job of answering patron questions and meeting patron needs.”  -- Sarah Doyi, Supervisor

Anna Tracy, Resources Management Services, Serials


  “Anna cheerfully helps out her fellow students and the library staff with any task that needs to be done without being asked.” - Terri Limbaugh, Supervisor

2010 Winner

Eliza Epps, Learning Resources Management, Circulation


“Eliza Epps is more than a model student worker—she is a model University employee! As a supervisor of student work­ers, I am daily challenged to bal­ance student -worker expectations, the needs of our department, and the academic requirements for student workers. Eliza is one of those rare student workers who have mastered time management and are able, not only to excel in their studies, but to be an integral part of the week-to-week operations of the library. Responsibilities of a desk worker include interacting and provid­ing service to a broad range of patrons, and we have high expecta­tions for the desk workers. From older community users and chil­dren to faculty, staff, and students, Eliza represents the library and University in an excellent manner. Her patience and calm demeanor are perfect for interacting with problem patrons or stressed out students." --  Barbara Dykes, Supervisor



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