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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Friends of the Library at Sewanee: The University of the South

A guide to the events and membership of the Friends of the Library at Sewanee

Lifetime Members

Over the years, several people have been awarded Lifetime Memberships to the Friends of the Library for their dedicated service to the organization.  We continue to honor these who have exhibited strong support for the mission of the Friends.


Julius and Ruth Barclay

Liz Camp

Andrew Hudgins and Erin McGraw

David Kearley

Gail Watson

Patron Memberships 2022

Jerre Hookey and Christine Colane
Brown Patterson
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Walker
Phoebe Bates
Tam and Chris Carlson
Penny and Mark Cowan
Jack and Judy Duncan
Bill Engel
Tom and Debbie Kandul
Joe David McBee
Walter and Morgan Merrill
George and Sylviane Poe
Flo Wilson and Bill Longwell