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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Friends of the Library at Sewanee: The University of the South

A guide to the events and membership of the Friends of the Library at Sewanee

Friends of the Library Membership & Benefits

Who are the Friends of the Library? The Friends of the Library of the University of the South exists to support the Library as an intellectual, cultural, and social center for Sewanee and beyond.

How can I find out more about the Friends of the Library? Visit our website at You can find current information about programs, videos of past lectures, and an archive of our newsletters.

Who can join the Friends of the Library? Anyone who supports the goals of the organization and pays a modest annual membership fee (see form below for various categories of membership).

Can all members of the Friends of the Library check out books and use library services? Yes. Students, staff, and faculty of the University along with alumni and area community members can request and obtain a library card to use the Library. Joining the Friends is a way of showing support for the library.

Are there other reasons for joining the Friends? There are indeed. Members receive an extra week’s loan period for books checked out and an additional day for videos. Also memberships can be given to others as gifts for Christmas or other occasions.

How can I join or renew my membership?  We are excited to offer an online payment form for your membership registration or renewal --  You can also complete the form below and mail it to the address given or deliver it in person together with your check for membership dues. The membership period will run from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year.

How to Join or Renew Membership





Cell Phone:__________________________________________________________


Friends of the Library memberships are renewed at the beginning of the calendar year in January, but new members are welcomed to join at any time during the year.  There are several different levels of membership offered:

  • Family -- donation of $50
  • Individual  -- donation of $35
  • Student -- donation of $10

We are also offering three new patron level memberships:

  • $75 for a Torian Membership
  • $100 for a duPont Membership
  • $500 for a St. Jerome (Patron Saint of Libraries) Membership


Membership dues should be sent to:   Friends of the Library (Attn: Stephanie Borne)

                                                       Jessie Ball duPont Library

                                                       University of the South

                                                       735 University Avenue

                                                       Sewanee, TN  37383-1000