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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Friends of the Library at Sewanee: The University of the South

A guide to the events and membership of the Friends of the Library at Sewanee

Friends of the Library Officers 2022-23


FOL Past Presidents

2019-20          Linda Parrish

2018-19          Linda Parrish

2017-18          Linda Parrish

2016-17          Flo Wilson

2015-16           Flo Wilson

2014-15           Tom Kandul

2013-14           Tom Kandul and Rick Sommer

2012-13           Tom Kandul and Rick Sommer

2011-12           Jim Dunkly and Vicki Sells

2009-10           Phil Loney and Pat Wiser

2008-09           Tom & Gail Watson

2007-08           Tom & Gail Watson

2006-07           Tom & Gail Watson

2005-06                      Bob & Karen Keele

2004-05                     Bob & Karen Keele

2003-04                     Allan & Carol Parrent

2002-03                      Allan & Carol Parrent

2001-02                      Ned & Sally McCrady

2000-01                      Ned & Sally McCrady

1999-2000       Charles & Ruth DuBois

1998-99                      Charles & Ruth DuBois

1997-98                      Jack Carter

1996-97                     Don Armentrout

1995-96                      Don Armentrout

1994-95                      Don Armentrout

1993-94                      Don DuPree

1992-93                      Don DuPree

1991-92                      Don DuPree

1990-91                      Don DuPree

1989-90                    Eugene Ham

1988-89                      Eugene Ham

1987-88                      Peggy Haines

1986-87            Scott Bates

1985-86              Jack Gessell

1984-85                      Edith McCrady

1983-84                      Edith McCrady

1982-83                      Edith McCrady

Friends of the Library Board 2022-23

Robin Bates

David Clough

Penny Cowan (ex-officio)

Bill Engel

John Gatta

Dagmar Gundersen

Brown Patterson

Kevin Reynolds (ex-officio)

Charlie Zammitt




FOL Constitution










The name of this organization shall be Friends of the Library of The University of the South.


The Friends of the Library of the University of the South exists to support the Library as an intellectual, cultural and social center for Sewanee and beyond.

Our purpose is to

Enrich the cultural life of the community by sponsoring lectures, programs and activities.

Encourage gifts for the enrichment of the Library

Increase public awareness of the Library’s resources and services.

Attract others to become involved in the Friends of the Library.



A. Membership in this organization shall be open to any person subscribing to the above purpose.

B. Classes of membership and annual dues shall be determined by the Governing Board.

C. The Governing Board may elect to honorary lifetime membership in the organization retired employees of the library and individuals who have provided outstanding service or made significant contributions to the library. 

D. Benefits of membership shall be determined by the Governing Board in consultation with the library staff.



The officers of this organization shall be:

A. A Chair or Co-Chairs

1. The Chair or Co-Chairs shall be nominated by the Governing Board and elected by the general membership at its annual meeting. The term of office shall be two years.

2. The Chair or one of the Co-Chairs shall preside at all meetings of the Friends of the Library and of the Governing Board and shall appoint all committees.

3. The Chair or Co-Chairs shall call all meetings of the Governing Board as he/she/they deem advisable and shall call a meeting of the general membership at least once a year.

4. It shall be the duty of the Chair or Co-Chairs to carry out the will of the Governing Board and of the general membership as determined by majority vote of those bodies.


B. A Vice Chair (if there is no Co-Chair)

1. The Vice Chair shall be elected in the same manner as the Chair to a term of two years.

2. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair will discharge the duties of the Chair.


C. A Secretary/Treasurer

1. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected by the Governing Board from among its members and shall keep minutes of all meetings of the general membership and of the Governing Board.

2. The Secretary/Treasurer shall see that a complete list of the names and addresses of all members of the organization be kept and shall oversee the correspondence of the organization .

3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall report on the receipt and use of the funds of the organization at each Governing Board meeting.

4. The Secretary/Treasurer shall serve until his/her successor has been elected.


D. In the event of a vacancy in an officer position, a replacement from among the remaining Board members shall be appointed by the Board to serve in an interim capacity.



A. The Governing Board shall consist of the above officers, the ex officio members, and up to twelve members-at-large elected from and by the general membership by a majority of the members present and voting at a duly announced meeting.


B. Members-at-large shall be elected for a term of three years and may be reelected for an additional term.


C. An effort shall be made to see that various constituencies of users of the library (faculty, administration, library staff, students, alumni and members of the community) are represented on the Governing Board.


D. The University Librarian shall be an ex officio voting member of the Board. The Librarian of the School of Theology, the Director, Collections Management, and others as deemed desirable shall be designated as ex officio, non-voting members of the Board.


E. The Governing Board shall be responsible for planning and overseeing the activities and other matters which advance the stated purposes of the organization.


F. The Governing Board shall determine the classes of membership in the organization and assign the annual dues.



The Chair, with the advice of the Governing Board, shall appoint standing committees such as a membership committee and program committee. The Chair or Co-Chair may appoint ad hoc committees as they are needed.



A. The Governing Board shall assume responsibility for administering expenditures of funds and the disposal of gifts in accordance with the wishes expressed by the donors. In the absence of such wishes, disposal shall be made by the Governing Board.


B. Gifts which are offered to the Friends of the Library and which are subject to any conditions not specifically sanctioned by existing University or Library policy must be approved by the University Librarian before they can be accepted.


C. No member shall be liable for the debts or obligations of this organization. No personal liability shall in any event attach to any member of this organization with respect to any of its undertakings. All liabilities of this organization shall be limited to its common funds and assets.


D. Neither the Governing Board nor the officers shall have any authority to borrow money or incur any indebtedness or liability in the name of or on behalf of this organization.



A. A meeting of the general membership of the Friends of the Library shall be held once a year. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Governing Board.


B. The Governing Board shall be responsible for arranging the meetings of the general membership and for notifying the membership by email of their time and place.


C. The Governing Board shall meet at least three times a year or as needed.



This Constitution and these Bylaws may be amended at any regular or called meeting of the general membership by a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting, provided that notice of the proposed amendments requiring a vote has been sent by email to the members at least seven days prior to said meeting.


March 31, 2016