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Jessie Ball duPont Library

William R. Laurie University Archives and Special Collections

Search Our Archival Materials

Tips for Searching

This database contains collection descriptions (finding aids) and inventories for university archives and special collections housed at the University Archives and Special Collections.

Search Tips

  • The search engine looks for the term exactly as it is entered. Therefore, the search term photograph will find instances of that word only and will not include any hits for photographs. Use an asterisk (*) to perform wildcard or truncated searches. For example, use photograph* to include photograph, photographs and photography.
  • To search by phrase, use double quotes around your search query.

Requesting Materials

Material can be requested by clicking the Request button on the page describing the item. You must enter an Anticipated Arrival Date in the request form or you will receive an error and the request will not be submitted.

Important Information

If you do not find what you need please contact us ! Only about 13% (or approximately 1/8) of our processed collections have collection descriptions in our database at this time.  We continue to add collection descriptions to create a more thorough catalog.

Questions, concerns, or requests? Please email us at or phone (931) 598-3212.

Archives Images on Artstor


Your access to our digital images is now easier through Artstor. Our University Archives and Special Collections images are available in the Public Collections section of Artstor. This means you do not need a University or Artstor login to access the images.

Search Tips

  • Public collections are listed alphabetically. We are under S for Sewanee.
  • By clicking on a collection you can browse or search that collection. Limit search results only to the specific collection selected by clicking the box to the right of the search bar, "Search within results."

Digitized Institutional Publications


Full text search and view digitized institutional publications on DSpace. Some of the most useful publications for archival research are the newspapers, catalogs/announcements, yearbooks, and alumni magazines.

Search Tips

  • Search across the entire site, or limit to only specific publications.
  • Once you have results, click the gear icon to see sorting options, including the ability to sort results by date.

Proceedings of the Board of Trustees

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive contains the Proceedings for the Board of Trustees, 1857-1925. Copies of most University publications found on DSpace can be viewed here too. All of the materials are full text searchable.

Search Tips

  • Filters on the left side of the screen allow you limit by year and topics/titles.
  • Below the search bar (also on the left side of the screen) choose "Text contents" instead of the default "Metadata" to do a full text search.