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Jessie Ball duPont Library

William R. Laurie University Archives and Special Collections

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About University Records

The role of University Archives is to identify, acquire, manage, preserve and make available university records of archival value, regardless of format. These records provide unique testimony to the achievements of individuals and entities within the University of the South and provide a collective, community memory. They also protect the university, its students, faculty, and staff as well as its business associates.

University Archives and Special Collections is the official repository for university records at the University of the South. Records of the University are considered archival if they contain useful or significant administrative, legal, fiscal, evidential, or historical information and the records are not currently being used. This includes any documents, correspondence, accounts, policy statements, summaries, statistics, projections, programs, reports, papers, maps, books, photographs, or any items, regardless of physical form, that are created by an employee of of the University in the performance of their university responsibilities, and which are appropriate for preservation as evidence of institutional internal structure, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other basic activities, or because of the inherent informational value of such material.

Examples of such records could include Board of Trustees materials, records Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors, records of academic departments, and records of administrative departments, among other resources. University Archives also collects publications created by or under the authority of the University of the South, records of student and faculty organizations, student publications, faculty and staff publications, and alumni publications. In addition, University Archives also houses memorabilia and ephemeral materials relating to the University.