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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Sewanee School of Theology Library Guide

Gathering of information especially for the students at the School of Theology

What is a Close-Reading Workshop?

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- 30-50 min. workshops focusing on close reading of texts

- time management: reading prior to the meeting or slow/silent reading during the meeting

- discussion: sharing observations - correlations - interpretations - applicability

Location: Hamilton 111

Time: TBD by the participants involved in it

Choice of Texts: primary sources in translation, influential books, articles etc.

Suggested steps:

1. Observation - TEXT (reader's ignorance versus the author's knowledge) - what is the author saying? Look in particular for the concepts or metaphors, the models, the argument, the method, the data backing up the claim(s).

2. Correlation - INTERTEXTUALITY (how does it compare with other texts?) - the agreements, the disagreements, the gaps.

3. Interpretation - MEANING (why was it written?) - the text versus the world it was written for (origin story, author identity, what impact it had)

4. Applicability - SIGNIFICANCE - (So what?) - the text versus the world today - what is today's situation that the text can help with? How exactly?


A reading on close-reading:

The following are some examples of close reading workshops that we organized over the years. 

Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue - Fall 2018

Time: Fridays from 1 pm, starting September 14

Location: Hamilton Reading Room, School of Theology (room 111)

Topic: After virtue: a study in moral theory / by Alasdair MacIntyre

Facilitators: W. James Yazell, T’19 & Romulus D. Stefanut, PhD


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Here are some important links to access the text:
On reserve @ Hamilton Hall:
Google Books:
On-line link for a pdf:

September 14

Preface (pp. xvii)

Ch. 1. A Disquieting Suggestion (pp. 1-5)


September 21

Ch. 2. The Nature of Moral Disagreement Today and the Claims of Emotivism (pp. 6-22)

Ch. 3. Emotivism: Social Content and Social Context (pp. 23-35)


September 28

Ch. 4. The Predecessor Culture and the Enlightenment Project of Justifying Morality (pp. 36-50)

Ch. 5. Why the Enlightenment Project of Justifying Morality Had to Fail (pp. 51-61)


October 5

Ch. 6. Some Consequences of the Failure of the Enlightenment Project (pp. 62-78)

Ch. 7. Fact, Explanation and Expertise (pp. 79-87)


October 12

Ch. 8. The Character of Generalizations in Social Science and their Lack of Predictive Power

(pp. 88-108)

Ch. 9. Nietzsche or Aristotle? (pp. 109-120)


October 19

Ch. 10. The Virtues of Heroic Societies (pp. 121-130)

Ch. 11. The Virtues of Athens (pp. 131-145)


October 26

Ch. 12. Aristotle’s Account of the Virtues (pp. 146-164)

Ch. 13. Medieval Aspects and Occasions (pp. 165-180)


November 2

Ch. 14. The Nature of the Virtues (pp. 181-203)

Ch. 15. The Virtues, the Unity of a Human Life and the Concept of a Tradition (pp. 204-225)


November 9

Ch. 16. From the Virtues to Virtue and after Virtue (pp. 226-143)

Ch. 17. Justice as a Virtue: Changing Conceptions (pp. 244-255)


November 16

Ch. 18. After Virtue: Nietzsche or Aristotle, Trotsky and St. Benedict (pp. 256-263)

Ch. 19. Postscript to the Second Edition (pp. 264-278)

The Apostolic Fathers

TechTalk Workshop

Tech Talks

Facilitator: Romulus D. Stefanut

Goal: highly informative and practical sessions intended to motivate students, faculty, and staff on how to use LITS technology efficiently and creatively.


  • Meeting times: Wednesdays,12:15 -12:45 pm

  • Location: duPont Library (Torian Room)


Topics of Interest:

Advent 2016

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (Greg Banwarth) - September 21

  • Top 7 Library Tools for everyone (Romulus D. Stefanut and panel of Librarians) - October 19

  • Managing On-line Privacy (Vicki Sells & IT panel) - November 16

Easter 2017

  • Digital Preservation for Personal Archives

  • Effects of Technology on Student Behaviour

  • Social Media Analytics for Academics

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Religion and Film Workshop

Religion and Film Workshop

Facilitator: Romulus D. Stefanut

Goal: to create a casual learning experience by watching and discussing cultural products at the intersection between  


  1. Opening comments

  2. Film viewing & popcorn

  3. Moderated discussion

Time: (Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00 )

Place: Torian Room, other venues (Screening Room)

Refreshments: Pop & Popcorn

Fall Quarter: Documentaries

CS Lewis - Shadowlands (September 14)

Francis d’Assisi - Brother Sun Sister Moon (October 12)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Pastor Pacifist, Natzie Resister (November 16)

Martin Luther - Luther Movie (December 7)

Other Possible Series:

History of Religion - Documentaries

Anglican History and Religion

Portraits of Jesus (from Zeffirelli to Mel Gibson)

Film selections

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Francis D'Asissi

Martin Luther