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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Sewanee School of Theology Library Guide

Gathering of information especially for the students at the School of Theology

Toxic Language Awareness Week - March 25-31


Things to do:

Take a survey: click right here to access it! 

Read an article or a book from this LibGuide!

Share your ideas with someone else!

Write a note of encouragement to a colleague!

Take time to reflect on the power of language!


Since we live in a semiotic and symbolic universe, there are at least 12 (twelve) ways in which you can interact with the Toxic Language Awareness Exhibition:

1. Come and see it in person or online.
2. Read one of the featured books/articles.
3. Take an online survey.

4. Write a note of encouragement to someone you care about.
5. watch a thought-provoking video.
6. Draw an image on our exhibit easel.
7. Read some memorable quotes about the "power of language."
8. Meditate by the water fountain,
9. Examine the toxic language scale.
10. Look at the research stats on this topic.

11. Take a souvenir.
12. Share this news/post with a friend.