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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Library Collections

A guide to the collections of the duPont Library

Theology Collection

“Theology Stacks” refers to all the theological materials in the B range of the Library of Congress classification system that are located on the 3rd floor of duPont Library. We have roughly 150,000 print monographs and annuals that can be loaned to our patrons for extended periods of time.

Theology Reference

This collection serves primarily the needs of the School of Theology students and faculty but also of the College’s Department of Religious Studies.  The Theology Reference Collection, located on the third floor of duPont Library, is a non-circulating collection, comprised of primary texts in theology, religion, and related disciplines which are deemed important to be readily available at all times. A second copy of these texts is usually available for borrowing in the stacks. Special features of the collection include sets of principal biblical commentaries in English, official documents of the Episcopal Church and other members of the Anglican Communion, major texts in the history of theology and numerous reference tools (dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, concordances, bibliographies, etc.) in theology, religion, and related fields.

Theology Preaching Reference

This collection, located on the third floor of duPont library, provides ready reference for liturgical preaching. It is comprised of 175 volumes covering the liturgical years A, B, C, D as well as the Feasting on the Word biblical commentary.

Spanish Theology Reference

This collection, located on the third floor of duPont library, serves the emerging needs of our Spanish Theological education for clergy. It consists of seminary textbooks in Spanish covering the broad spectrum of the theological curriculum from biblical studies to liturgics, various Bible translations and BCP editions, and Spanish language acquisition materials.

Theology Periodicals

Our print collection of Theology periodicals is now arranged in Library of Congress classification order, as opposed to the previous alphabetical order. The main advantage of this taxonomy is that the entire history of a particular journal is kept intact and in one location. Thus, despite title changes in the life of a journal, all issues are kept together rather than separately. Moreover, the current issues are featured on a display holder, last year’s issues are kept in Princeton (yellow or blue) vertical boxes, while all the remaining past issues are shelved in inverse chronological order.

Diocesan Journals and Newsletters

Sewanee is the only university owned and governed by 28 southeastern dioceses of the Episcopal Church. Thus, it is very appropriate for us to have a distinct collection comprised of over 6,000 diocesan journals and newsletters.

Theology Microforms

This collection consists of all the microfilm, microfiche, and microcard theology holdings, preserving unique journals, monographs, and documents of the Episcopal church. Although the physical format outlasted its predicted life now estimated at 500+ years instead of just 50+ years, the microfilm remains an important way of preserving and accessing old documents. Located conveniently near the microfilm reader on the third floor of duPont, the collection contains over 16,000 items listed in our library catalog.

Liturgy Room Collection

This Special Collection is set aside in duPont Room 334 (known also as our Liturgy Room) for immediate reference purposes to serve the needs of our students taking Liturgy and Hymnody classes. It consists of old Bibles, Books of Common Prayer, and hymnals that are important reference materials of our faculty and staff. Due to their secure location, these materials can only be seen by appointment.

Theology Special Collections

Housed in the University Archives and Special Collections building, our Theology Special Collections include valuable rare books, periodicals, and manuscripts produced, purchased, or donated by members and friends of the School of Theology throughout its long history. The 6500+ items include family and altar Bibles, Books of Common Prayer, signed and authored monographs by former and present faculty and clergy, rare periodicals, and theses and projects produced by advanced degree students in the School of Theology. These materials are non-circulating, as they are kept in optimal preservation conditions, and they can be seen by appointment only.