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ProQuest One Literature

A guide to One Literature from the provider, ProQuest

Literature Online is Moving!

Literature Online is now located on both the ProQuest Platform (shown on this guide) and the Legacy Platform (here).  We anticipate dual access will last until August 2019, at which time the legacy instance will be decommissioned and automatically redirect to the new Literature Online site on the main ProQuest platform.

What is LION?

An award-winning, ever-growing resource for all aspects of literary research and teaching, Literature Online offers the largest library of works online supported with full text journals and reference material to help contextualize primary works and authors.

The diversity, depth and quality of the material, from Beowulf to Pulitzer and Nobel winners, ensures that students and teachers can cover every topic with confidence.

With Literature Online on the main ProQuest Platform you can expect the same depth and breadth of primary works, journals and reference materials, but with new user-driven enhancements and functionality built to accommodate the new Literature Online user experience on the ProQuest Platform.

  • User-driven enhancements support key use-cases pursued by literature students and scholars
  • Cross-search a wealth of relevant content including Early European Books, Historical Newspapers, Dissertations, archival magazine collections and more
  • New content updates from publishers will be available more quickly
  • Author Pages have been enhanced supporting the way users look to engage with content
  • Improved filtering facets will help users find relevant content, offering better options to narrow search results
  • Varied content types are more prominent including criticism resources, primary works, reference resources, as well as video and audio

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