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ProQuest One Literature

A guide to One Literature from the provider, ProQuest

What is Literature Online Premium?

The world’s most authoritative and inclusive library of texts, Literature Online Premium offers a unique combination of materials which respond to and support the full interdisciplinary breadth in which literary studies are researched today.

The LION Core collection Is now enriched with the addition of two brand new collections:

These enrich the original core content at all levels:

  • The largest collection of primary works: Over 500,000 primary works from the 8th century to the present day; the largest, most inclusive library of texts assembled online. All re-keyed to 99.95% textual accuracy so users can be confident they’re getting all the relevant hits and not missing anything.
  • The latest scholarly opinions in your field: With an ever-growing library of full-text journals, biographies, and reference volumes, users will be uniquely able to contextualize their subjects and gain greater perspective and clarity.
  • A relevant and diverse range of voices: With the canon available alongside the more marginal, unanthologized and forgotten voices, new and previously impossible connections can be made.

An award-winning, ever-growing resource for all aspects of literary research and teaching, Literature Online Premium lets you use your time more effectively to analyze texts, appreciate context, and gain focus on your point of view.

The depth and quality of the material, from Beowulf to contemporary Pulitzer and Nobel winners, ensures that students and teachers can cover every topic with confidence.

Also included in the Literature Online Premium subscription are the following databases. They are currently on separate platforms, and will be moving to the ProQuest platform. We will be communicating our plans the coming months.

Black Writing Collection

The most inclusive library of Black writing ever assembled: over 70,000 poems, plays, prose works, ephemera, and fugitive texts by over 4,000 authors from more than 50 countries. These works represent the most important as well as the most forgotten voices. Available on the Literature Online platform for the first time, the collection encompasses over 500,000 pages of rare, out-of-print and in-demand works to explore every facet of the African, Caribbean and African Diasporic experience from the 18th century to the present day.

The Black Writing Collection permits unprecedented access to hundreds of thousands of unheard Black voices from around the world.With more modules added each year, the Collection only gets more indispensable.


As literary studies grows increasingly interdisciplinary and with researchers needing to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional sources, Black Writing offers unprecedented opportunities to improve research with the inclusion of rare and ephemeral voices.

  • Analyse the earliest expressions of Black writers from influential periodicals such as The Afro-American up to the present day.
  • Discover Jamaica’s first Poet Laureate Thomas MacDermot’s Becka’s Buckra Baby (1904), considered to mark the beginning of modern Caribbean writing, and access his complete works in one place for the first time.
  • Appreciate lesser known figures in the Harlem Renaissance movement such as Georgia Douglas Johnson and Nella Larsen.
  • Understand the complex development of global black feminism through works by Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez and Bessie Head
  • Explore the origins and cultural influences of fables and folktales from Africa and the African diaspora.

World Literature Collection

The world of Literature mapped in all its diversity and depth – more than 70,000 texts by authors of over 65 nationalities from Germany to Jamaica and Venezuela to Vietnam – the non-Anglophone literary canon assembled for the first time online.

Build upon the 1,000 years of established Anglophone literary tradition with works in Spanish, French, Dutch and Papiamento (to name a few) including texts in native languages and frequently in English for easy analysis.

The collection provides an exciting look at the interplay of literary traditions where influences as disparate as the Mahabharata and Charles Dickens are evident in the same piece, such as The Tamarind Tree, by Romen Basu. Postmodern literary techniques help tell ancient stories, and contemporary political parables are teased out of classic epics from the oral tradition. Some authors use formal English, while others play with the boundaries of language, merging English prefixes with local words or phrases, or writing English in the cadences of local languages.


Rich in sociological and historical significance, the literary texts in this collection are the writings of place, gender, and race. Students and scholars can explore works that have previously not been available, such as:

  • Find the origins of Anglophone literary tropes in the complete writings of Goethe, Schiller, Cervantes or de Vega.
  • Explore never-before-published works of various teatros created in the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as El Teatro Desengaño del Pueblo and El Teatro Chicano de Austin, along with never-before-heard audio tapes.
  • Discover Indian writer and composer Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s national song in translation alongside his novel Rajmohan’s Wife (1864); the first novel in English published by an Indian, a host of reference and critical articles and works of contemporaries such as Tagore.