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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Library Policies

A resource to library policies about materials and computer use.

Library Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Library is a component of the University’s Library and Information Technology Services division. The primary mission of the Library is to provide the members of the academic community with access to resources that support the current and anticipated instructional, research, and service programs of the University of the South. It is the Library’s mission to provide instruction in the effective use of these resources, and to promote critical thinking and life-long learning, so that the Library is central to the educational mission of the University.

In addition, the Library contributes to the culture and informational resources of the surrounding community. The Library also serves as a Federal Government Depository.


A. Services: To provide accurate, efficient, and courteous assistance to users in identifying, locating, and using the information resources they need.

  •     To provide materials in appropriate formats to support the instructional, research, and service functions of the University, maintaining a balance appropriate for this user community between ownership of information resources and access to resources owned by others.
  •     To provide optimum bibliographic control of the Library's own collections and other appropriate resources.
  •     To maintain accurate and efficient records for locating and circulating the Library's own materials.
  •     To facilitate access to information resources outside the Library.
  •     To take advantage of collaborative arrangements with other entities.
  •     To promote understanding of the Library's research capabilities and to encourage the use of its resources and       services.
  •     To provide instructional programs to enable patrons to use information resources effectively.
  •     To collaborate with other units in the University, especially those within ITS, to provide the best possible service.

B. Collections: To select, acquire, and maintain materials in appropriate formats to support the instructional, research, and service functions of the University.

  •     To ensure that the collections are relevant to the needs of the Library's users.
  •     To achieve the optimum balance among print, electronic, and other formats of information resources.
  •     To establish and implement policies and procedures that contribute to the physical preservation of the collections.
  •     To establish and implement policies and procedures that ensure the security of the collections.

C. Facilities: To provide space, equipment, and technology that will ensure operational efficiency, enhance collection preservation, and respond to changing needs of users and staff.

  •     To ensure that Library space effectively accommodates the demands of emerging technologies.
  •     To ensure that Library space is being used to support the Library's stated mission and goals.
  •     To provide a safe, clean, and positive work environment for staff and users alike.

D. Personnel: to attract, retain, and develop the best qualified staff possible in order to carry out the mission and goals of the Library.

  •     To provide adequate training for all staff to be able to do their jobs well.
  •     To provide opportunity and incentive for professional development for all staff members.
  •     To enhance staff productivity and morale.
  •     To ensure that Library positions are accurately defined, appropriately distributed among the various departments and programs, and effectively staffed.

E. Administration: To ensure that the Library's mission and goals are carried out in accord with the mission, values, and core competencies of the Information Technology Services Mission Statement.

  •     To enhance the promotion, interpretation, and support of the Library through the development of constructive relationships with the University administration, academic departments, students, and the Library's public in general.
  •     To promote communication and cooperation within and among all departments of the Library.
  •     To coordinate effectively the programs and resources of the Library.
  •     To plan and develop strategies for enhancing the programs and resources of the Library.
  •     To solicit and secure the financial support necessary for the continuation and expansion of the Library’s operations.
  •     To administer the Library's budget and promote optimum use of its financial resources.
  •     To ensure that regular and systematic assessment of Library activities, programs, departments, and staff is carried out.

F. Outreach to Users

  •     To promote the Library’s services and collections.
  •     To maintain communication with the Library’s various user groups.
  •     To seek new ways of serving its users as part of the educational mission of the University.