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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Library Policies

A resource to library policies about materials and computer use.


The purpose of library exhibits is to contribute to the intellectual and cultural environment of the University Library and the greater university community.

Scope and Nature of Exhibits

Library exhibits are intended to reflect and highlight research, programs, curricula, or the campus life of the University of the South. Although beliefs and viewpoints expressed in the events belong to the exhibit coordinators and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Library Administration or the University of the South Library, events will be consistent with the University’s educational philosophy and ideals and be fair and equitable concerning issues of potential controversy.

Exhibit Space

The available exhibit space is the large glass display case on the wall next to the Cup and Gown entrance in the main lobby of duPont Library.

Application Process

Submit an online application describing the purpose of the exhibit, preferred dates and applicant’s contact information. The exhibit proposal should be submitted at least one week prior to the proposed beginning date of the exhibit. Applications will be evaluated by the Library Administration. Applicants will be informed by email within three days of submitting their request in regard to the acceptance and scheduling of their proposed exhibit. We ask that the exhibit remain in the case for a minimum of two weeks. The Library reserves the right to refuse any exhibit request.

Exhibit Contact

Requests submitted through the web form go to for review. Please send any questions about possible exhibits to


The exhibit case is lockable, but is located in a public area that cannot always be monitored against damage, theft, or vandalism. duPont Library cannot be held responsible for the safety of items placed in exhibits or display cases. Exhibitors concerned about possible damage or loss are encouraged to consult an insurance agent. Exhibitors are also encouraged to keep an inventory of their items.

Exhibit Supplies

duPont Library maintains a limited supply of materials, such as push pins, tape, and book stands, for mounting exhibits and displays. Additional materials must be provided by the exhibitor. Please check at the Circulation Desk for these items.

Removal of Exhibits

Exhibitors are responsible for removing displays at the end of the scheduled period. Exhibits that are not removed on time will be dismounted by duPont Library staff and they are not responsible for any damage incurred during the dismounting. Additionally, unclaimed exhibit materials may be disposed of after two weeks. Designated space and/or display cases are available to students, staff, and faculty of the University of the South for exhibits.