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Jessie Ball duPont Library

Library Services for Faculty

A guide to the many and multi-faceted library services to faculty at Sewanee

Print Material

    • Textbooks and materials can be ordered and sold through our campus bookstore, operated by Barnes & Noble. Currently, faculty are being asked to submit book adoptions through the Barnes & Noble Adoption and Insights Portal, which can be found on this page: Technology Resource Page (Faculty)Email with any questions.
    • Coursepacks can also be ordered through the Barnes & Noble Adoption and Insights Portal, which can be found on this page: Technology Resource Page (Faculty)Email with any questions.

Digital Material

    • Ebooks can also be linked to courses in the Reserves module of the library catalog. We purchase an ebook copy of all required texts if we can find one available to purchase (with a few exceptions for titles costing over $300). To view the items we have on reserve for a course, go to this link.
    • Ebooks vary as to the number of users allowed. We attempt to purchase unlimited user licenses when they are available, but many texts are limited to one user or three users at a time. For questions about ebook availability and user access, please contact Pat Dover, E-Resources Librarian, at
    • Streaming films can also be linked to your course in Reserves. Our online guide to the film collections we offer is available at  Many of our streaming films can be found in TigerSearch (the library catalog). We can link any film from any of the collections to your courses in the Reserves system.
    • Most mainstream feature films will need to be individually requested and licensed through Swank Digital Campus. You may select films from Swank’s offerings using their website: In addition to the search box, Swank provides listings by Film Categories, Subjects, and Themes (scroll down the page.)  You can also select “show all” and sort by title or year, or download a list.To submit your request, send an email to Pat Dover, Electronic Resources Librarian, at Please supply the title, director, and date of release of the film. Also please tell me the course number for which the films will be used.
    • Because there are so many film collections and it is rather confusing to know where to start, we will be glad to find a specific film for you. Just give us as much information you have about the title, director and date of release. (There are some other film sources we can check that are not listed on the website.) If we cannot find a streaming version we can usually (but not always) find a DVD to order, and we may be able to convert this to a streaming file.  Send inquiries or requests to Pat Dover, Electronic Resources Librarian, at


    • You can post the full text of articles on BrightSpace (see next section), or, if the article is accessible through the library's journal subscriptions or a database, you can post a direct link to the article so that students can access it directly from the site. This has the advantage of not needing any copyright clearance, and also provides the library with more accurate usage statistics for our subscriptions.  For assistance with creating the direct link, please contact Pat Dover, Electronic Resources Librarian, at


    • All online resources will require a login to our authentication system, called OpenAthens. Current faculty and students are automatically assigned an OpenAthens account when they get their Banner access and Sewanee email account. The username is the same as for Banner: username is the email address WITHOUT, and the password is the same as for Banner and email. More information about OpenAthens is available on this page.

Posting material on D2L/Brightspace

    • Book excerpts and journal articles can be posted on Sewanee's course management system, D2L/Brightspace. You can post readings by providing students with a stable link. Please consult your Faculty Technology Coordinator if you need assistance.
    • More information and tutorials regarding how to use D2L/Brightspace
    • Sewanee's D2L/Brightspace portal
    • We regard intellectual property rights seriously here at the University of the South, and the responsibility is upon each instructor to seek copyright permission for any material he or she distributes to students, should the situation warrant it.
    • Some readings will fall under Fair Use and require no permission to post.
    • Others will require that the rightsholder grant permission, sometimes a permission fee.
    • Submit your requests for copyright permission through the Copyright Clearance Request Form. Please email with any questions.

Course Reserves

    • One print copy and a multi-user ebook license (if available) of all your required texts will automatically be placed on Reserve at the Circulation Desk at the Library. To view the items we have on reserve for a course, go to this link.
    • Along with a copy of each textbook you assign for a class, you can choose to place additional texts on Reserve, including books, CDs, and DVDs. You can bring us library books or those from your own personal collection, as well as indicate that we retrieve them on your behalf.
    • The form for Course Reserves can be found here and can be submitted online.            
    • For more assistance with Course Reserves, contact Circulation at x1664 or email
    • Course Reserves Material searching link is now on D2L/Brightspace.

    • Not all titles have ebook versions available, so we offer a limited scanning service.  We will scan book chapters and journal articles that you can share with your students in D2L/Brightspace.  Please use the following link to the online request form:
    • The library purchases a physical copy of each film requested by faculty for their classes and places it on Reserve.  
    • The library attempts to obtain a streaming version of each film needed for courses. We have subscriptions to several video streaming services that might contain the needed title. We can also license individual streaming films from Swank Digital Campus and other sources.
    • If you have any questions about materials in our Reserves collection, please send an email to
    • If there are materials you need to order, please use this web request form: